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Hello and welcome to the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Remake, web place. Hopefully you’ve gone to Marks and Spencer and got your towel. We’re remaking the original game of 1984, released by Infocom, programmed by Steve Meretzky and story plotted by Douglas Adams himself.

Difference between this remake and the BBC one, is that we’re not remaking the game into a text-based game, but instead as point and click, with keeping however the interactivity levels very high, but also introducing two levels of difficulty.


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James Spanos (Art,Music,Programming)

Kevin Haddley(Story)

Chris Jones (AGS Engine)

Contributions by Ben304, R.Michalski, Ponch, Sheldon Moskowitz, Ryan Timothy.

Credits and Main Theme arranged by Dan Neshor ( ShiverMeSideways ).

Modules by SSH, Edmundo, Alasdair Beckett, Steve McCrea, Abstauber, Jerakeen.

Lead Beta Testing by Leon and JimReed.

Proof reading by Leon.


NEWS: 25/May 2010The game is available for download.



  1. Wow. Keep it up

    Comment by Will | February 27, 2009

  2. Hey! So far so good! Cant wait for it!

    Comment by SpacePaw | March 15, 2009

  3. 42!

    Comment by Alessandro | March 21, 2009

  4. 23!

    Comment by Anonymous | May 1, 2009

  5. Very nice site!

    Comment by John1149 | May 16, 2009

  6. Brilliant, keep up the good work, can’t wait for this!!

    Comment by Joe | June 16, 2009

  7. I can’t wait either! Awesome idea! Douglas would be proud!

    -Thanks man, that means a lot to me!!-

    Comment by Koala | June 22, 2009

  8. Hey, I’ve been playing the demo and all but uh… when is this being released? On the forums, the last release date was, well, December. I am really looking forward to it. I just want some kind of solid date. This year I hope.

    -Me too. I’m planning on updating the demo, yeah it’s kind of old.

    Comment by Red | June 29, 2009

  9. Keep it up! I can’t wait!

    Comment by Fathermocker | August 19, 2009

  10. i would play that

    Comment by javier | November 22, 2009

  11. Wow, I didn’t heard about that till now. Thanx.

    Comment by Cegebeaws | November 27, 2009

  12. why not sell vip passes, ask 4 contributions, whatever would help u, but of coz if ur already heavily financed dont mind me..
    to misquote javier ‘i would pay that’ Anyhow, hope u make it through (and go on with other Infocom titles) 😉

    Comment by abgij | December 4, 2009

  13. Happy new year….
    So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!

    Comment by Alessandro | December 28, 2009

  14. Far out!

    Keep it up (if you are still working on it).

    -I am still indeed..Thanks for the comment!

    Comment by Purper | March 8, 2010

  15. Froody!!

    Comment by Colin | March 28, 2010

  16. Phreeow! It’ll be out by the end of the month? Is this for real? It’s so close I can taste it! It tastes like Manwich. Either that, or its the manwich I’m eating.

    So, where will it be? Here? How can I get my zarking hands on it?

    -This is for real. I will have the download link posted here, as well as the AGS forums. Thanks for the interest Dave.

    Comment by Dave | May 3, 2010

  17. Hey guys,
    i like your style and i’m looking forward to play your game very soon!

    On we are about to build a international community for adventure game developers. Some developers already added their projects and post their news. It would be fantastic to see you up there, discuss with you in the boards, and maybe you can give some good hints and tips about your development, too. 🙂

    All the Best,

    -Oh, thanks Marvel, I’ve been a lurker to your site, for a while now, thanks for the great interest, I’ll be there sure.

    Comment by Marvel | May 3, 2010

  18. It’s almost here!!!

    I love you people!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Joe | May 17, 2010

  19. Guys, I thought it was out today?! 😥

    -Check again 😀

    Comment by JOe | May 25, 2010

  20. Aw. I kept hearing so much about how Douglass Adams loved his mac that I’d hope there would be a mac version, OH its a game. Damn. Nvm

    Comment by David | May 27, 2010

  21. Great stuff!

    Thanks for putting this out.

    Comment by Justinzero | June 9, 2010

  22. Hey guys thank you so much for the info. I am a huge Hitch Hiker Guide To The galaxy fan. This is very helpful.

    Comment by Car Transporter | June 21, 2010

  23. Looks awesome! Will this work with ScummVM on linux?

    -It’d be best to use Wine to run the game on Linux. Works on my Ubuntu. 😛

    Comment by Iceman | June 26, 2010

  24. thank you. very good!

    Comment by game | July 6, 2010

  25. Will this be made available for Ubuntu linux?

    REPLY: Would you care for that? Most people emulate Linux via WINE, and if I recall correct this is playable in Linux either ways. But if you want I can port it there.

    Comment by Captain Zaphod | July 23, 2010


    Keep up the good work!

    Comment by Stefanos | August 10, 2010

  27. Needs a button 😉

    Comment by SkaveRat | August 12, 2010

  28. very nice, is there supposed to be speech?

    Reply: It’s on the coming-soon features, but honestly with that rate, I don’t see it coming.

    Comment by scar | September 19, 2010

  29. Is there a Mac version coming for PPC Macs?

    -Lots of people are asking for one, I’m not really sure if its worthwhile to go into that trouble. So nothing planned for now. Sorry to disappoint.

    Comment by Chaz | October 1, 2010

  30. Um… I probably sound like an idiot, but how do you download this?

    Comment by 42 | October 2, 2010

  31. All you need to do is just click on the big blue letters that say download game.

    Comment by dualnames | October 3, 2010

  32. the interface is staggeringly bloody AWFUL!
    you need hotkeys for things like your inventory.

    Comment by ray d | December 3, 2010

  33. You really should consider a Mac version, especially now that they have the same Intel processors as PCs. Douglas Adams was a HUGE Mac fan and it is posthumously offensive that his platform isn’t supported by what essentially is his game.

    Comment by Ginto | March 22, 2011

  34. Make a Linux version, please.
    Honestly, if you can make a Linux version, you should, even if the Wingdows version works with Wine.

    Comment by Gera | May 12, 2011

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