The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Remake

Hardy Developers Article: Inside this Game

It’s been a while since an update, I think like 6 months. To be honest with you, life lately has been really hard and tough for me. It’s for personal reasons that I’m not going into details, but also because I don’t think it’s the whole point of this. Lately however, after 4 months that I haven’t even touched the game, I started back its production. Things are looking fairly better thanks to some advices given by the guys in the critics lounge.

Anyway, here’s a really cool interview/insight job/article I wrote for Hardy Developers blog about the game mechanisms and other stuff one would encounter while remaking this or any kind of text adventure. What’s more important is that there’s a youtube video that shows what we’ve done with the music. I strongly suggest you watch this!!

Have a look at the ARTICLE!! and comment if you like


Q) Will the game get out in a deluxe version?

A) No, at least nothing actually seems to be going towards that direction. If an artist wants to take the task of changing 1000 sprites and 60+ backgrounds or just the backgrounds or just the sprites, then we will release this as deluxe. I’m sorry to disappoint those waiting for a cool version.

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Find Therma found Towel Day

JD or Find Therma (AGS Forums Alias) has reviewed our small HHGTG based game. Here’s the review

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Interview on Captain’sD Gaming Blog

Well, [b]CaptainD[/b], has taken a small interview from me, the experience of which was really fun and wild things.
It can be found here:

Also, dare I say we’re doing some good progress, and we’re probably going to make it this year. That’s what I said last year though. Anyway, we’re all having some fun in the production.

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H2G2 Remake on

Woot, it appears that has sort of announcing we’re working on this. All I say? yay!!

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Making Of Hitchhiker’s on Gnome’s Lair.

Well, Gnome’s lair, a very prestigious retro blog, has offered me the chance to do a making of H2G2 sharing some knowledge about how the game is being made..and I accepted. Have a small glance of the article HERE

There are also images showing progress being made.


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